Merger & Acquisitions

We are distinctly positioned to help our clients achieve their most important strategic objectives throughout the growth continuum.

We leverage our extensive sector expertise and transaction experience to provide our clients with disciplined execution underscored by balanced, objective and insightful judgment.

Our advantage in any M&A process is our own capital markets expertise. Because of our global financing capabilities, our M&A clients gain direct insights into the perspectives of the growth investor. The success of many M&A transactions involves some form of investment requirement either concurrent with or after the deal. Understanding, influencing and choreographing the investment thesis of every transaction is critical.

All of our senior professionals have a breadth of mergers & acquisitions experience. We counsel our clients through all stages of the growth continuum as we evaluate strategic alternatives, assess potential acquirers and targets, provide valuation analyses and advise on transaction terms including valuation, structuring, timing and potential financing.